Archery Arm Guards - Volume 3 - Issue 2



Leather Patterns & Projects - Volume 3, Issue 2 is now available for your perusal! Now you can get all 4 arm guard patterns in one pattern pack! This leathercrafter pattern pack includes the following patterns:

Each pattern pack has a built in discount of 25% over the single pattern price. Some pattern packs include patterns that are no longer available as a single pattern. Either which way you look at it, you get more bang for your buck!

TRADITIONAL STYLE ARM GUARD - This arm guard for Archery was designed in more of a traditional style. Wide straps with up to 3 snaps per strap gives this arm guard a range of adjustments.

The chevron design on our example is included with this arm guard. With the right colors, it gives this arm guard a very medieval look! Perfect for that period costume.

FRAMED ARM GUARD - Check out this new style of arm guard for archers. Look closely at this one, it may surprise you!

3 piece pattern is assembled using rivets, and that gives this archery arm guard a very classy look! Something just a little bit different to show off at the next archery meet! Don't think too many archer's will have something like this!

BUTTON STUD ARM GUARD - Slightly more traditional in design, this leather arm guard has a different method of securing it. The straps wrap around to the other side, thru slots, then back, and secured on button studs on the bottom side of the arm guard.

This method has the added bonus of being able to replace the straps on the arm guard if they break, or stretch out of shape. Love it!

ARCHERY ARM GUARD - Wow them at the next ren-faire with your custom leather 'Archery Arm Guard'!

With directions on measuring for a custom fit, this simple, yet elegant, style of arm guard can really give you that rakish look at the next archery meet!

A PDF pattern for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. Make them for yourself, make them for your friends, make them to sell.

Full color examples, materials list, tools required, instructions and patterns are all included in the PDF pattern pack....available for instant download!