Archery I - Volume 1 - Issue 2



Make all of your archery accessories from one pattern pack! This leathercraft pattern pack includes 5 patterns, designed for the archer.

Each pattern pack has a built in discount of 25% over the single pattern price. Some pattern packs include patterns that are no longer available as a single pattern. Either which way you look at it, you get more bang for your buck!

All of the following 5 leather patterns are included in Volume 1, Issue 2:

ARCHER'S BELT BAG - This Archer's Belt Bag was specifically designed with the archer in mind! Flat back bag sits snugly against your side on your belt. Drawstring is pulled tight and locked down with a cordlock to keep your extra bowstring and arrow tips inside, with a strap as added security. And the strap snaps to the back, out of the way.

When completed, the large bag measures 7" Tall X 6" Wide, and the small bag measures 6" tall X 5" wide. Both have a flap and a strap with a snap closure, and a belt loop on the back.

ARCHERY SHOOTING GLOVE - Easy, yet elegant, these Archery Shooting Gloves are just what you need to make........for yourself, or for your best friend.....who seems to think he's Robin Hood!

This leathercraft pattern includes information on how to size your hand for these shooting gloves, (also known as "Finger Pulls"). Includes both left hand and right hand patterns. The patterns included are of a medium size, but you can re-size for your hand to get that perfect fit!

ARCHERY ARM GUARD - Wow them at the next ren-faire with your custom leather 'Archery Arm Guard'!

With directions on measuring for a custom fit, this simple, yet elegant, style of arm guard can really give you that rakish look at the next archery meet!

TRADITIONAL STYLE ARM GUARD - This arm guard for Archery was designed in more of a traditional style. Wide straps with up to 3 snaps per strap gives this arm guard a range of adjustments.

The chevron design on our example is included with this arm guard. With the right colors, it gives this arm guard a very medieval look! Perfect for that period costume. Robin Hood, anyone?

WEAVER STYLE QUIVER - Weaver style archery quiver is a fun project to make! It will definitely set you apart from the rest of the crowd! Single weaver strap becomes the bottom strap, and your adjustments for a custom fit are on the top strap. It has a heavy (and we do mean heavy!) 8 - 10 oz piece of sole leather that is removable, (and replaceable), to cushion the tips of your arrows.

It is a medium size......not too big and not too small. And because it is oval instead of round, it fits comfortably on your back.

Pattern pack for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. Make them for yourself, make them for your friends, make them to sell.

Full color examples, printing instructions, materials list, tools required, pictorial instructions for the leather mug bottom, instructions and patterns are all included in this PDF pattern pack on CD.