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Archery II - Volume 2 - Issue 4


This leathercraft pattern pack includes even more leather patterns, designed the archer in mind. Make all of your archery accessories from one pattern pack!

All of the following 5 leather patterns are included in Volume 2, Issue 4:

ARCHERY TARGET QUIVER - Archery target quiver hangs from your belt, and makes it easy to draw the arrows out for shooting. And it's so easy to make too! Since this quiver is put together entirely with rivets, it uses just 2 tools! And it looks good too!

Lots of carving space, so you customize it for yourself. Express your style and personality! When completed, this quiver measures approximately 21" long and 7" wide. It also comes with a short hanger strap pattern that you can add as a matching accompaniment!

ARCHER'S BELT BAG - This Archer's Belt Bag was specifically designed with the archer in mind! Flat back bag sits snugly against your side on your belt. Drawstring is pulled tight and locked down with a cordlock to keep your extra bowstring and arrow tips inside, with a strap as added security. And the strap snaps to the back, out of the way.

When completed, the large bag measures 7" Tall X 6" Wide, and the small bag measures 6" tall X 5" wide. Both have a flap and a strap with a snap closure, and a belt loop on the back.

BUTTON STUD ARCHERY ARM GUARD - Slightly more traditional in design, this leather arm guard has a different method of securing it. The straps wrap around to the other side, thru slots, then back, and secured on button studs on the bottom side of the arm guard.

This method has the added bonus of being able to replace the straps on the arm guard if they break, or stretch out of shape. Love it!

FRAMED ARCHERY ARM GUARD - Check out this new style of arm guard for archers. Look closely at this one, it may surprise you!

3 piece pattern is assembled using rivets, and that gives this archery arm guard a very classy look! Something just a little bit different to show off at the next archery meet! Don't think too many archer's will have something like this!

WRIST SUPPORTS - Need support for your wrists? Make yourself one of these handy wrist supports. Or even make a pair!

These Wrist Supports fits snugly around your wrist, and it helps provide extra support for all those things that you do. Helps keep your wrists from giving out at the most inopportune moment. Like when you're getting ready to throw that last strike to win the bowling match. Or when you're picking up a heavy object. You can even use them in archery, pulling back that bow, and resting an arrow on the leather strap in that notch between your thumb and forefinger!

Pattern pack for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. Make them for yourself, make them for your friends, make them to sell.

Full color examples, printing instructions, materials list, tools required, pictorial instructions for the leather mug bottom, instructions and patterns are all included in this PDF pattern pack on CD.