Foulsham's Home Leatherwork - eBook PDF download


Foulsham's Home Leatherwork, part of a series of practical manuals for the home hobbyist. Written by Mary Graham. No date, but judging from the cover, it appears to have been written in the late 1940's to maybe the early 1950's. Possibly the mid-1950's. Just going by the hairstyle.

This book was NOT written for the beginner! Most of the subjects tackled are short paragraphs and the author is assuming you already have a working knowledge of the tools & terminology used. Lots of line drawings, but no patterns to speak of....just a couple of wallets, (not to scale, but do have measurements). Includes 2 or 3 really nice tooling designs for purse flaps or book covers.

80 pages. The eBook starts on page 9, but apparently the publisher counts all of the pages, so nothing is missing. There are 69 pages of actual information and drawings. Pretty interesting....there is even a paragraph on making your own paste!