Guitar Straps - Volume 1 - Issue 5



6 different styles of guitar straps are included in this volume of 'Leather Patterns & Projects'! PLUS.....we've even a bonus....a pattern with instructions (and pictures of course) for an 'Acoustic Guitar Strap Adapter'!

Each pattern pack has a built in discount of 25% over the single pattern price. Some pattern packs include patterns that are no longer available as a single pattern. Either which way you look at it, you get more bang for your buck!

The following guitar strap leather patterns are included in Leather Patterns & Projects - Volume 1, Issue 5:

LADDERBACK GUITAR STRAP - Wildly different and very stylish! This is a completely unique way of making a guitar strap, and you will be the object of envy with one of these! You can even stash your pick anywhere you like on this strap.

TRAX GUITAR STRAP - Dare to be different! This is an unusual style of making a guitar strap, and you will be the talk of the town with one of these! You can even stash your pick anywhere you like with this strap.

WIDE GUITAR STRAP - This guitar strap pattern is crafted in a standard style, but it is made extra wide. It measures out at 3" across, just to give you that extra comfortable feel. It can be unlined, or you can line it with soft leather, and that really makes it super comfortable!

INTERLOCKING GUITAR STRAP - Something really super cool and unique! Each triangular piece weaves in thru a slot in the piece that comes after it. Then both are riveted together to make it super strong. Very nice!

TRADITIONAL STYLE GUITAR STRAP - Very traditional in design, this guitar strap is narrow, at only 2" wide, and it uses a buckle for adjustments. It has an external pick pocket on the front side for your favorite pick. Plus it keeps your pick handy! Alphabet set included!

ERGONOMIC GUITAR STRAP - Try an ergonomic guitar strap on for style and comfort! This strap follows the curve around your neck, and sits comfortably on your shoulder. It just looks so classy! It has an external pick pocket for your favorite pick. It is lined with soft leather, so that really makes it extra comfortable!

BONUS! ACOUSTIC STRAP ADAPTER - Simple adapter makes all of your guitar straps usable on any guitar that does not have a top button.

Make a custom fit for you, and a custom showcase for your guitar! Or, if you're not a musician, make one for your favorite guitar player!

Digital download PDF pattern includes everything you need! Color examples, printing directions, instructions and patterns all for one low price!