Handbags, purses and totes! Oh My! - Volume 3 - Issue 4


Another issue of "Leather Patterns & Projects" is ready! Handbags, purses and totes! OH MY! This is such a large assortment of patterns that we've had to break them down into 4 separate files.

The following leather patterns are included in Leather Patterns & Projects - Volume 3, Issue 4:

Part 1 - NANCY TOTE BAG - Fun to make! That's what we all want in a leathercraft pattern. At least we do! And you should too! And you will enjoy making this tote bag.....we mean it.....really!

This is a medium sized tote bag, measuring in at 8-3/4" T X 11-1/2" L X 4-3/4" W. This tote bag has one big and roomy center compartment. And you can add up to 4, (count 'em!), 4 patch pockets to it. 2 on the outside and 2 on the inside. And they're not little dinky pockets either! Your slightly larger-than-average size smart phone can fit into one of these pockets with a bit of room to spare.

The bag can be assembled with rivets, (spoiler alert! It takes almost 200 rivets to make this bag), or you can use leather lace. Either way....it'll be one good lookin' tote bag when you're done!

And the handle length is up to you. But we have included two different handle ends in this pattern, so you can use round rings, dee rings or even rectangular or square rings. Don't you just love choices?

TULIP TOTE BAG - Curvy and roomy, this is a tote bag that's just plain beautiful! And functional!

With 2 outside pockets (that curve gently down across the sides) that are just awesome places to put magazines, books, a tablet or ebook reader in. Inside is one big roomy compartment.....for all of your other 'stuff'.

Simple strap can be made in whatever length YOU desire! Be it short or long, carry it over your shoulder or in your hand, or even crossbody if you want, you can make this to fit YOUR style! PLUS, there is lots of room on the pockets to add a design of your choosing!

This Tulip Tote Bag measures 11 1/4" tall X 11 3/4" across at the bottom, and it gets narrower at the top, at 9 1/4". The gusset depth is 4 1/2" at the bottom, and gracefully curves up to 2 3/4" at the top.

Part 2 - CARRY-ALL BAG - So.....what DO you need in a handbag? Need room for your tablet? Check. Need room for your billfold, with all the important thing like money, credit cards, ID? Check. Need room to carry that book that you couldn't put down? Check. Need room for your phone, your make-up case, the toys from your kid's lunches? Check, check, check! We've got just the bag pattern you need!

Two roomy front pockets. One narrow compartment, which can have up to two side pockets inside. One wide compartment, which can also have two side pockets. One back pocket. Big, heavy duty strap, adjustable on both ends. Rings on the ends of the strap that you can hook your car keys on. Large flap, covers everything! This bag measures 12" L X 6" W X 9-1/2" T. A good size, with plenty of room!

And, depending on the stitch you use to stitch it together, or the leather you choose to make it from, every one you make can have a different look. How cool is that?

Who says you can't carry it all?

Part 3 - DULCIE HEXAGON HANDBAG - Something uniquely different! The 'Dulcie' is a double weaver style handbag in a hexagon shape. A little bit different from the usual style of bag. Stout and sturdy, a really good small sized bag to carry your wallet, credit cards, driver's license and all those little odds and ends that you just can't live without!

This hexagon bag measures 10" wide X 8" tall and is 3" deep. Very nice and roomy on the inside, with one large single compartment. And with the large flap, you have lots of area to express your personality! We've included the flower design from our project handbag, but you can stamp or carve a tooling design that represents YOU!

FAIRVIEW MOTHER - DAUGHTER HANDBAG SET - A mother - daughter handbag set, created in the weaver style! Round handbag has three compartments inside. Two roomy ones, and one center compartment for really small stuff. Make a matching set and create them with a flair!

You can add an initial to the patch on the front, or a cute design. There is even room on the flap if you want to really make it 'One Of A Kind'!

WINSOR MESSENGER BAG - A leather messenger bag made in the weaver style! A little bit different from the usual style of bag! Stout and sturdy, a really good mid-sized bag to carry your tablet, credit cards, driver's license and all those little odds and ends that you just can't do without!

This messenger bag measures 11" wide X 9" tall and is 2 1/2" deep. You can have as many as 4 patch pockets, 2 inside and 2 outside. This PDF pattern includes both round and square cornered pockets for you to choose from.

It also includes an adjustable shoulder strap how-to! You can make the strap to accommodate the way YOU like to wear your bag, be it cross body, shoulder, or even just carrying the strap in your hand!

And with the large flap, you have lots of area to express your personality! Stamp or carve a tooling design that represents YOU!

Part 4 - BRIDGEPORT TOTE BAG - hobo style - is HUGE when completed! Measuring (from the top of the handle, to the bottom of the bag), 15 1/2" tall X 13" wide, and it has a 2" gusset all the way around.

Heavy leather handle has enough room to tool a nice size pattern on. Magnetic closure is hidden between the handle and the bag body. Very nice and roomy on the inside, with one large single compartment. And we've included the grape design featured on the handle!

NEW! We've added a body pattern to the Bridgeport pattern pack that allows you to use 3 - 5 oz firm designer leather or lightweight tooling leather! Now you can make this tote bag out other types of leather, not strictly soft leather.

CHANDELLE TOTE BAG - A tote bag that is just the right size! Not too large, not too small. This is a medium sized tote bag, with one large center compartment.

Heavy duty handles come with complete pictorial instructions to make them, all in full color. The handles fold out of the way when you want to get something out of your bag!

Examples, materials list, tools required, instructions and patterns are all included in this PDF pattern pack! All available for instant download!

Pattern pack for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. Make them for yourself, make them for your friends, make them to sell.