Helping Hand - leathercraft Tool Tutorial


Have you ever worked with a leather project that was so big, and floppy, (because it was soft leather), that kept falling back in the way while you were trying to hand sew it? You take one stitch, push it out of the way, take one more, push it out of the way, and you have to do this throughout the ENTIRE project? So then it ends up taking three times longer than it should have? Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL to have something, (besides your significant other), hold it up out of the way so you can finish it before Christmas?

Well....that was OUR problem! And so we created the 'Helping Hand'! It can also be called a '3rd Hand'. It's not expensive to make, and comes in very handy! It holds the soft leather up out of the way while you're stitching and helps you finish that project in time!

Our version uses a architect's clamp-on lamp as the base, and you can buy one at any office store for $20-25.00. We walk you thru the process of turning it from just a lamp into a handy workshop tool! And you'll wonder how you ever stitched soft leather without it! LOL!

Tutorial for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. And the 'Helping Hand' is so handy for your home workshop!

Full color examples, materials list and tools required are all included in this PDF tutorial. Includes pictorial instructions for the whole process. All available for instant download!