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Stamp Design Ideas - designs for leather


Included in this booklet are 48 tried and true stamping designs. We have designed and used these stamping designs on many of our projects that we've featured in our patterns. We hope you like them as much as we do...and will use them as a base to design your OWN stamping designs. Put your own flair on them!!!

Most of the stamps that we use are Craftool or Craftool Japan. Some are vintage, and the best place to find them is on eBay. Others are newer and can be found at your local leather store. If you can't find the exact stamp, substitute! Either find a stamp that is similar in design, or choose one that gives the design a whole new look!

Always try the design out on a piece of scrap leather first. Leather is waaaay too expensive to just throw away....so using a bit of scrap is the best way to go when you're trying out a new design. Besides, gotta use those bits of scrap for something, right?

Add color with acrylic paints or add depth with antique stains. Block dye your design. Each technique gives every design a different look. You can stamp the same design on several different projects, use a different technique to finish, and they all look amazing!

So have fun and enjoy this little booklet of stamp design ideas.

Happy Stamping!