Wallets - Volume 1 - Issue 4


Another issue of "Leather Patterns & Projects" is ready for your perusal. This one contains 5 different styles of wallets!

Each pattern pack has a built in discount of 25% over the single pattern price. Some pattern packs include patterns that are no longer available as a single pattern. Either which way you look at it, you get more bang for your buck!

The following leather patterns are include in Leather Patterns & Projects - Volume 1, Issue 4:

MINI ACCORDION WALLET - Mini Accordion Wallet is JUST the right size! You can make it with 3, 5 or 7 pockets. The 3 pocket version has 2 credit card size pockets, and 1 small pocket for cash or coins, (the small pocket is the size of a dollar bill folded over twice), the 5 pocket version has 3 credit card size and 2 small pockets, and the 7 pocket version has 4 credit card size and 3 small pockets. Don't you just love to have choices?

When completed, this wallet measures 4 1/4" wide X 2 3/4" tall when closed. Open, it measures 5" tall. Thickness will vary with the type of leather you are using and how many pockets you made.

POCKET SECRETARY WALLET - Awesome Pocket Secretary wallet to make for yourself, your friends or even to sell! This Pocket Secretary fits nicely into your pants pocket, yet holds your cash without wrinkling it up!

Pockets inside keep everything organized and easy to find! Room for your driver's license, credit cards, cash and receipts! The crossover strap is attached to a chain that you can attach to your belt loop or a key chain, AND is totally removable, so if you need it off the chain, you can just detach it.

It can be set up for righties and lefties!

BUSINESS CARD WALLET - Let your business cards ride in style. This two or four pocket Card Wallet can even accommodate those slightly over-sized business cards! Or, if you prefer, you can use it as a regular wallet. Comfortably holds your credit cards, driver's license or I.D., and even some cash!

Once completed, it measures 4 7/8" wide and 3 1/8" tall when closed. and it measures 6 1/4" when fully open.

CARD CASE - This stylish Card Case is just so handy to have for your business cards. So easy to get your business cards out....just push them up with your finger or your thumb thru the slot underneath the flap.

You can even use it as a regular wallet. Comfortably holds your credit cards, driver's license or I.D., and even some cash!

2 different flaps to choose from. 3 different ways to assemble it! And when it has been completed, it measures 3 1/4" wide and 3 3/4" tall when closed, and it measures 7 1/2" when fully open.

COLLEGE WALLET - Awesome wallet for the ultra cool college student! Small wallet can hold up to 4 flash drives AND your college ID, driver's license, credit card and a bit of cash for the snack machines! Or 2 flash drives and your car keys instead.

Small ring on the back allows you to add a carabiner clip with no problem. That allows you to hang it from anywhere! Your backpack, purse, the belt loop on your jeans, just about anywhere your can think of!

A completed college wallet measures 4 1/4" W X 3 1/4" L X 1 1/2" T when closed and snapped. When open, it measures 9" long.

Pattern pack for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. Make them for yourself, make them for your friends, make them to sell.