Wide Guitar Strap & Guitar Pick Pocket - PLUS bonus pattern!


You can use them individually, but they're so much better together. Make a matching set! That's how we came up with 'Perfect Pairings'! 2 patterns that a great on their own...but are absolutely awesome together! And we've included a "BONUS" pattern for this one!

WIDE GUITAR STRAP - This guitar strap pattern is crafted in a standard style, but it is made extra wide. It measures out at 3" across, just to give you that extra comfortable feel.

It can be unlined, or you can line it with soft leather, and that really makes it super comfortable!

Make a custom fit for you, and a custom showcase for your guitar! Or, if you're not a musician, make one for your favorite guitar player!

GUITAR PICK POCKET - So........question. Have you ever dropped your guitar pick while playing? Ever wished you had a place to put your picks that were within easy reach? Not only easy to reach but easy access as well? So easy that you don't miss a note? Then maybe you'd like to take a look at this! And even if you're not a guitar player, you might just know one that would LOVE to have this handy portable "Guitar Pick Pocket".

2 different sizes to accommodate a wide range of pick sizes. You can put it anywhere you like....on your shirt pocket, the neckline of your T-Shirt, on your guitar strap.....anywhere that can hold a clip. Both can hold 3 picks easily. The small measures 3-3/8" long X 1-1/2" wide. The large measures 4-3/8" long X 1-7/8" wide. And they both hold the picks at just the right angle for easy access and a quick draw!

Great for righties & Lefties!

BONUS - ACOUSTIC STRAP ADAPTER - Simple to make strap adapter makes all of your guitar straps usable on any guitar that does not have a top button.

PDF pattern for leathercrafters and leather workers everywhere. Make them for yourself, make them for your friends, even to sell.

Full color examples, materials list, tools required, instructions, and hand-drawn patterns are all included in the PDF pattern pack....both available for instant download!